Lines and Families

When the founders of the Riverhill kennel were scrutinizing the pedigrees of all English champions and CC-winners, they came up with the system of Lines and Families.
The male Line is the top-level line in a full pedigree (of the sire). Or to put it in other words: it is the sire of the sire etc of any dog. The bottom line in a full pedigree (the dam of the dam etc) is called the Family-line or Family in short.


Line Line named after Foundation sire Important dog
CHE Chestnut Rainbow Nesting Topper Many behind Chestnut Rainbow
BB Butcher Boy Butcher Boy Many behind Wallace
LJA Lerwick Jarl Thor Some e.g. Eng. Ch. Woodvold and Alford Clansman (Can)
IH Inverness Hoy Inverness Hoy Some e.g. Eng. Ch. Walesby Select
DL Dornoch Laddie Bobby Lad Some e.g. Eltham Park Advance
LWW Lassodie Willie Winkie (but no member of LWW)
Willie Winkie (real member)
Rover Rare
TPR Tresta Prince Prince Haakon Extinct, however Ch Larkbeare Rusk created a large branch. Especially in the Netherlands.

Nowadays of the 7 Lines, only 2 exist worldwide: Chestnut Rainbow and Butcher Boy. This doesn't mean, however, the other foundation dogs don't have any descendants nowadays. It only means, they don't have any pure male-line descendants.


Family Foundation dam Important dam
Family 1 Caledon Nellie Farburn Fascination
Family 2 Ashbank Flora Farburn Bo Bo and Ashbank Fairy (USA)
Family 3 Fanny Isleburgh Pansy and Kilravock Lassie
Family 4 Bess Eng Ch. Tilford Tontine
Family 5 Sheila Wendy of Aberlady and Blue Iris of Cameliard
Family 6 Netherkeir Nellie Netherkeir Dot (UK) and Natalie of Clerwood (USA)
Family 7 Little Red Riding Hood Eng. Ch. Uam Var of Houghton Hill (dog)
Family 7A Mother Hubbard Nutkin of Houghton Hill (dog) and Kinnersley Jean
Family 8 Gorse Blossom Ballet Girl of Houghton Hill and Eng. Ch. Mazurka of Houghton Hill
Family 9 Gypsy Eng Ch. Blue Blossom of Houghton Hill
Family 10 Floss (rough collie) Teena
Family 11 Inverness Mona Hailes Bunty and Christmas Box of Mountfort
Family 12 Tivannix Nan of Mountfort
Family 13 Poppy Spey Margarite and Lorna of Aberlour
Family 14 Ogre Clifford Pat (dog)
Family 15 Cora Foss
Family 16 Queenie Toonie Jem
Family 17 Teddy Eng Ch. Brenda
Family 18 tresta Princess Eng Ch. Walesby Select (dog)
Family 19 Cora II Misty of Greyhill (dog)
Family 20 Gesta Eng Ch. Woodvold (dog)
Family 21 Fanny  
Family 22 Jaafa  
Family 23 Nellie Suzette of Moutfort
Family 24 Mottie Riverhill Roguish and Fionie of Wyndora
Family 25 Brenda of Thule Kyleburn Paquita
Family 26 Lotus Kedale Molly founded the Swedish stock, with also a Dutch branch starting from Ch. Heidi von der Lindart
Notice that the dog Don of Aberlour probably has the most descendants of Family26, since he is behind Nicky of Aberlour, and thus also Helensdale Bhan, Helensdale Ace, Alasdair of Tintobank etc.