Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I see the pedigree of a Sheltie inside the pedigree?
  • A: Yes, just click on any name and it's pedigree will pop up. This is a key feature of this program. More general: please do try to click on a lot of things, and find all hidden features.
  • Q:What does "OL" and "OF" mean?
  • A: It means "Other Line" and "Other Family". I use them only when I can reasonably be sure they don't fit in the well-known lines and families.
  • Q: Some shelties have a photo and others have not. They show the typical picture of a missing picture.
  • A: In those cases I haven't found a picture of those yet, and I don't have pictures for most Shelties.
  • Q: Why do some shelties have no Line and/or Family?
  • A: Sometimes I really don't know them. Sometimes I didn't have the time to fill them in yet.
  • Q: What do the colours mean in the pedigrees?
  • A: It means it is the same sheltie.
  • Q: But sometimes I see the same sheltie, without a colour. Is this a bug?
  • A: No. Then they have the same child. So, it is not necessary to put focus on them. Exceptions are only when this information cannot be deduced.
  • Q: What do the magic numbers in the kennel overview mean ?
  • A: It means the number of shelties I found with that kennel name.
  • Q: Why are some kennels in bold, while others are not?
  • A: Bold marked kennels contain at least 10 shelties.
  • Q: Why are some shelties in a kennel overview in bold, while others are not?
  • A: Bold marked shelties have an offspring size of at least 10 for dogs and 5 for bitches.
  • Q: Can I jump from one champion to the next?
  • A: Yes, click on "next ch". "prev ch" jumps to the previous one.
  • Q: Sometimes I see (=name). What does that mean?
  • A: It means the sheltie was previously known under a different name. The old name is between brackets.
  • Q: Sometimes I see "(name)". What does that mean?
  • A: The name is here one of the names of the owner. This is relevant for e.g. Fanny or Bob. But there's still some hard work to be done.
  • Q: Sometimes I see "[name]". What does that mean?
  • A: It means, I do not follow the official name [the one in square brackets like these]. This information is based upon some reliable resources. The renamed ones are:
    Official name: Actual name:
    Chestnut Sweet Lady Rubislaw Keturah
    Banchory Iris Blue Banchory Excalibur Ecstacy
    Banchory Orchid Blue Banchory Excalibur Elite

If you found any error in my program,
or if think you have a better photo,
or if you're the owner of a Sheltie which you do NOT want to appear in this program,
then e-mail me: